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Hello, it's actually my first time posting in a community. :)

I was watching a show in Fuji TV earlier when I saw a commercial about Shibatora.

Apparently the show's having a second SP episode. :3

The television drama series, "Shibatora: is coming back to Fuji TV in the form of a second special episode this May. The show, which starred WaT's Teppei Koike (24), originally aired during the summer of 2008 and continued with a special two-hour episode in May 2009.

"Shibatora" is based on a manga by Yuma Ando about a baby-faced policeman assigned to deal with juvenile delinquents. Returning cast members include Naohito Fujiki (37) and Tsukaji Muga (38). Actor Junpei Mizobata (20) will play a new character for the upcoming special.

Source: Tokyograph
Original post here

According to the CM I've seen, it will air on May 22 at 9 PM, Japan time. :)

Everyone excited? :)
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me likey!

I'm excited! I can't wait to see Te-chan again!

Me too. :D I hope it will also be subbed soon after. The CM's really interesting. :)